This school year has been one where I feel I have experienced a great deal of growth as a teacher. One of the most important lessons that my students have taught me is a lesson in humility. They have taught me that the “one man island” approach to education is nothing but fools gold. There is no way that I, on my own, am up to meeting the needs of the kids in my classroom.

The most important lesson that I take from this is that gratitude flows from humility. Whether you find it on your own or, like me, have a big heaping pile of humilty forced upon you, it seems that gratitude is not far behind.

I have been blessed this year to work with a fabulous classroom team that care deeply for our kids and put up with all of my hair-brained schemes and are still able to have a smile on their face. I have been blessed with a principal that both supports and challenges me. I am blessed with a school community that truly knows the feeling of family. Finally, I am blessed with students that keep me on my toes and force me to grow as a teacher.

To all of you… Thank you.

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