Sunday Struggles #4

As has been the case since I started, on Sundays I trow out a question and see if anyone out there has a take. So, without further adieu…

How can teachers and staff in schools create the proper balance between structure and creativity? What is that balance?

Sunday Struggles #3

If you have read my Sunday posts before, you know that Sundays are where I put a question out there to anyone who might be reading and hope for some feedback or ideas. I write a post about homework earlier this week, so I wanted to ask:

How much homework is appropriate? And why?

  1. An hour a night
  2. A half hour a night
  3. 15 minutes or less
  4. It depends
  5. None

Sunday Struggles #2

As I mentioned last week, instead of my usual blog post I am posing a question and hoping that anyone who is reading can provide some insights.

So, the question…

How can schools promote the use of technology while at the same time being conscious of budget and promote equity of access for students of differing parental economic situations?