Learning Is Messy

Earlier this week, my classroom was in  complete disarray.  We had newspaper flyers that we were using for a math project all over the place. Kids were all over the place. Some were finishing Math, others were working on Chromebooks to finish a Science project, others were building models for the same project, and still others were posting pictures of their work on their Freshgrade portfolios using my ipad. Into this chaos walked my principal. On looking around the room he said to me, “Learning is messy, isnt it?”

I am pretty sure that there are many times when teachers would prefer that learning were neat, tidy, and linear. That students would be engaged learners while at the same time working quietly and independently in neat little rows. The longer I have been a teacher, the more firmly I understand that learning is not like that. It is messy, it is non-linear, it can be loud and hectic. Another thing that I have learned is that messy is good and fun and healthy. I have learned to embrace chaos, and I love it.

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