Looking Back

It was my goal a little more than a month ago to contribute daily to my blog for fourty days straight. I missed a couple of days, but in general I posted at least a little something every day. I wanted to take some time today looking back on what I have learned and how I can apply what I have learned to my professional practice. 

Reflection Is Important 

The main thing that I took away from this exercise is the importance of reflection on the learning process. By forcing myself to write, even on days that I didn’t really feel like it, it allowed me to solidify and take a closer look at how I really feel about either what I am doing in my teaching or how I really feel about certain issues in education. In particular, in making my writing public, I really had to make sure I had thought something through before I posted it for the world (or the few of you who read my blog) to see. 

My take-away for my students is that I need to be more purposeful in allowing them time and opportunity to reflect on their learning. It is not enough to just go through an activity and hope that students learned something. It is important to make reflecting an ingrained part of the process. 

Connections Matter

One of the things I have enjoyed about writing this blog so far is the opportunity that it provides for me to connect with people in different ways. Every night I wait impatiently to see if anyone will take a few minutes to respond to what I have written so I can connect to and learn from them. I hope to continue to connect with more and more people as I continue to write. 

The take-away in this for my classroom is that I need to find opportunities for my students to connect with people outside my classroom. I would love to try a mystery Skype or find another class somewhere in the world to connect with. If any of you have any ideas of how I could make this happen, please let me know. 

Audience Matters

I have written about this before so I won’t spend a lot of time on this except to say that students need audiences beyond their teachers and parents. Having their peers as audience is a start, but technology has opened up so many opportunities for students to gain an audience for their gifts that it would be foolhardy for teachers to not at least look at them and think about how they can motivate their students. 

I can’t say that I will be posting daily any more. I would like to post at least once a week and I have asked a number of my colleagues to write guest posts. I do plan to continue to learn and take risks and do things that make me slightly queezy when I do them and I look far ward to anyone out their sharing their learning with me. 

2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. I think the most striking thing for me was “reflecting”. In our busy busy lives it seems like a frivolous luxury, but it is so essential to our greater purpose! When I took the pro d to introduce “Math makes sense” I remember being amazed at that structure for EVERY lesson: explore, connect, reflect – over and over. It needs an equal representation in our process. Otherwise, why are we doing what we’re doing? Keep reflecting! Your ideas are dominoes!

    • In this case I took the time to write out of my bus ride home. It became writing time. I loved what Robin Thiessen was doing with her class using Fresh Grade. It really inspired me to try.

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