Don’t Be Who You Aren’t 

Over  the past few weeks, my wife and I have been eating a very restrictive diet. While for the most part this hasn’t been too difficult for me, it has given us the opportunity to try a whole bunch of new foods. Most of it I have enjoyed. The other day, however, we really went out on a limb. We decided to try “Mac and Chreese”. Notice that I didn’t say “Mac and Cheese”. Now I am not exactly sure what Chreese is, but what I can tell you is that is isn’t good. 


Later that night I decided to double down and try some non-dairy cheese like shreds on some tortilla chips. While it was better than the Chreese, it still wasn’t good. 


The lesson I took from this? The reminder for me was to not try to not to be who you are not. If you are not cheese, don’t try to be cheese. As a teacher and as a person, it is important to know who you are and to be that. It is important to be self aware enough to not be who you aren’t. It is obvious to the people around you when you are not true to yourself. The flip of this is to be who you are. Again, it is obvious to the people around when you are authentic and act true to your real self.

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