Live Blog Garage Band Workshop

I am really excited. IC is taking over the Apple Store tonight. Five of us signed up for the Garage Band workshop that the Apple Store offers for free in the evenings. I am going to try to blog about our experience in real time as we go.

5:40 Arrival

9:45- We are all ready to go and getting ready to learn

6:00 We have learned the drums. On to keyboarding. It is really difficult to hear, but are finding iris easy to catch on to.

6:15- Time for us to learn about the smart guitar. I love that you can make a song even if you can’t play an instrument.

6:20 A discovery! There are apps that work with garage band can be downloaded in the App Store!

6:30- We are learning how to record our voices over our songs.

I know I haven’t written a lot, but we had a great time and learned a lot.

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