Advice Needed- Poker Face

I think that there is an important skill that I need to develop and I need your advice to help me do it. I need to develop a poker face. I think that all too often what I am feeling inside is written on my face. Particularly when I am upset or annoyed, no matter how hard I try, my face betrays me. I feel that as a teacher, but particularly as an administrator, I need to find a way to present a completely calm exterior when my interior feels like screaming.

I have been working on this for some time now with limited success. So I decided to put the problem out there and ask for advice. And how much more out there can you get than the internet? So please, if you would, what advice do you have for me to help me develop my poker face?

4 thoughts on “Advice Needed- Poker Face

  1. I am laughing because I am pretty sure I have caused your look of consternation at least a few times. This is a tough one, and I know many people in need of a strategy! I suggest practicing your neutral face regularly. Consciously. And then find an accompanying neutral thought. (Porridge?) Then get someone to test you. (Wives are good at testy situations!). Lastly, focus on the neutral face when you think it might be needed. Good luck! (Can’t wait to hear how it goes!)

    • Haha. I saved my looks of consternation for someone else entirely when we worked together. Now thinking of porridge won’t be neutral any more. I will laugh thinking about your comment. Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.

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