Putting First Things First

One of the books that has changed the way I look at teaching in particular and life in general is Steven Covey’s Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People. I have written a little bit about it in the past when I talked about finding balance in life, but the one of the book’s lessons came back to me over the past couple of days.

One of Covey’s habits is titled Put First Things First. What he talks about in this section of the book is how effective people understand their life roles and are in tune with their values and manage their time according to these roles and values. The reason this habit came to mind is that I took a few days off of my blogging this week even though I had made it my goal to post once a day until Easter. One way to look at my days off is that I failed to meet my goal. The other way to look at it is that over my Spring Break I chose to prioritize my time with my family as more important than contributing to my blog.

One of the things I learned the hard way at the beginning of my career is that as teachers we could probably work every minute of our twenty-four hours and still be able to find things to do. It is a hard truth that if a teacher is not to burn out, they need to prioritize their time and will have to let go of some things. This can be a hard lesson for most of us as most teachers I know, and I count myself in this number, have a hard time letting go of the control we would like to have over what goes on in our classroom.

So why, you might ask, have I given priority to writing right now? Currently I am sitting here waiting for a prescription and am putting writing ahead of my time on Twitter or reading year old magazines.  Putting first things first.

2 thoughts on “Putting First Things First

  1. Good for you! Finding balance is important. The break is necessary – it has to get us through to June! I have a few thoughts on some of your recent posts too, but I am also “taking a break” – aka catching up on laundry! Sorting and folding is good for contemplative thought.

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