Exhibit A- By Joy DiNunzio

exhibit A

Saturday, March 14th brought the first Saturday of Spring break 2015. Operation staycation commenced with a piping hot coffee in hand after waking up and shifting into second gear rather then the typical weekday morning fifth gear. I took a moment to acknowledge the feeling of absolute euphoria as I gazed out the kitchen window watching the heavy rain drops hit the glass and bounce off with the type of spring like a tennis ball bouncing on cement. My focus shifts to the right to see my iMac, the lone item in our home literally screwed down to the surface it sits on. Two years ago our house was broken into. At 6pm we stepped out of the house, only to return an hour later to find every piece of electronic equipment we owned gone. Were we covered by insurance? Yes. Was there a back up to all of our data? Thank goodness there was! You better believe the first thing I did right after I took my replacement iMac out of the box was thread a chain link bike lock through a hole in the base and fasten it to the desk it sat on. Should we be met with an uninvited guest again the burglars biggest need will be wire cutters to get the job done, massive strength, and speed as it would be a little hard concealing the worlds first 55lbs iMac down the road.

I headed over to my desk and tore the big yellow post-it note placed strategically smack dab in the middle of my screen before bed, in huge letters “Spring break to-do’s” written at the top. You see I have a little confession to make, I’m guilty of being a life long list maker. The jury is still out whether I’ve decided if this good thing or a bad thing. My little habit started around grade nine. I remember feeling the excitement over not the unusual heavy amount of homework I had that night, but of sitting at my desk in my room eagerly removing all of my textbooks and binders in order to create a list. A list documenting what would be my first priority and so on. I have found list upon list in jacket pockets I haven’t worn in ages and know exactly what my state of mind was when writing them by my penmanship. My lists are not limited to handwritten, back in 2000 I bought my first Palm Pilot- the Palm V. What a beauty it was, although seamless syncing not so beautiful. That’s when I took the majority of my lists electronic. Should you accidentally come across my data stored on iCloud I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to find my folder named ‘Lists’ containing dozens of you guessed it, lists! You need a Christmas present list? Got it. You need a camping list? Got that too. How about a home emergency kit list? Doesn’t everybody?

My theory based on hunch is that people who are chronic list makers also tend to keep a highly detailed calendar. Exhibit A, our family calendar. Accessible by all DiNunzio family Apple devices with a hard copy of the current and upcoming five months printed and placed on the back of the kitchen door. I’m sure I could make a dollar or two if I put together a video clip showcasing the rainbow of facial expressions by any house guest who happens to stumble upon mission control for the first time.

My husband is cool as a cucumber. I consider us late if we are five minutes early, he on the other hand would be in the mind set that it is an entire five minutes that could be allocated elsewhere of his choosing. So what does a clock watcher, compulsive list maker, and borderline obsessive calendar keeper do when a ball drops? Back in November I was fortunate enough to snag two row five seats for the production of ‘The Next Step…Live on Stage’ at the QE Theatre. Now if you know any 9-year-old girl who eats, breathes, and sleeps dancing chances are you are familiar with the Disney Channel TV show The Next Step. The live show includes all the actors from the TV show. The tickets were given to my daughter *insert screaming daughters shrieks of joy here* for her birthday back in January. Fast forward to 6:04pm Saturday night, dinner dishes complete, kids playing in their room, and I’m online sitting at my desk while drinking a cup of tea. I receive a text message from a friend “Are you here yet? What row are you two in?!?!”. I’m pretty confident my next two eye blinks could have been recorded for speed into the Guinness Book of World Records. What day is it? Was it on my list? Has my old friend calendar left me? Somewhere along the line I had dropped the ball. Time to shift my feeling of pure horror and frustration and replace it with a little belly breathing and determination. We had exactly 25 minutes to get from Surrey to downtown Vancouver. If Santa can make it around the world in one night, I could most certainly increase the RPM’s on the old Dodge Caravan to rival Santa’s sleigh. Down Nordel Way, over the Alex Fraser, onto the connector, jetted at the Knight Street exit, sped through the Night Street bridge, scurried down King Edward, sharp right on Main Street, and travel up the Georgia viaduct. Even the birds flying in the sky were looking down with thumbs up, that’s until our world came to a screeching hault as we become parallel with Rogers Arena. That’s right folks, the Canucks game had JUST ended and exactly half the population of Canada was exiting the stadium overflowing onto the streets surrounding us. Wherever I turned was blue, blue Canucks jerseys everywhere traveling at a snail like pace. At that moment you could hear a pin drop in the Caravan. Still practicing my belly breathing, I turn and look at my daughter in the seat behind. We lock eyes and in that moment we both started laughing hysterically. This situation was out of our control and like a bee hive swarming its nest, words like Sedin #22, Beiska #3, Borrows #14, and Edler #23 were popping in and out of sight. There was nothing we good do but sit at the corner of Beatty and Dunsmuir and appreciate the moment, laugh at ourselves (ok…me), and people watch. In the end we found an amazing parking spot a block away, giggled as we held other’s hand tightly while running mock five down Hamilton, was greeted by the warmest theatre employee opening the front door welcoming us in, and felt a little extra special being ushered in the dark theatre passed screaming tweens everywhere down to row 5 a half hour into production.

As a mother and Education Assistant I don’t pretend to be perfect, one extremely important thing I can do is model appropriate reactions and behavior when balls drop. Rest assured while I was quick to excel on green lights knew getting my little dancer to our destination safely was more important then an unsafe lead foot. I dropped the ball on Saturday and know for a fact I will drop it again.

I never did find out if the Canucks won on Saturday. Anyone?

4 thoughts on “Exhibit A- By Joy DiNunzio

  1. Way to go Joy – thanks for keeping it real! I’m grateful to know that other hyper organizers have those ball dropping moments… Three cheers for grace under pressure. Happy spring break!

    • Thanks for taking the time to write such kind words Lara. I especially like your three cheers for grace under pressure. 👍

  2. Love it! Love your “voice”. Inspired by your joyful way of handling ball drops. Hoping to follow your example and adding it into my to do list. 😉

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