I was having a conversation yesterday with Joy and Jacqueline, two of the fabulous SEAs at our school yesterday. The two of them were talking about how, as they have moved from class to class that they have noticed how all the classroms are different  and how each teacher brings different things to the table. I have the good fortune of having Joy work with me this year and Jacqueline work with me in a previous year and know that, while different, they are both great at their job. In fact, it is their differences that allow them to be suited to different roles and contribute to our school in unique ways.

This conversation was a reminder to me of how we need to be constantly looking for the unique gifts and talents of the people around us, particularly the people that drive us crazy. Whether those people are students, parents, or staff, they all have unique gifts to contribute and it is our job as leaders to helpvthem find ways to tap into those gifts and to reach their full potential.

2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. One hundred percent agreed. I think it is hard sometimes in the midst of chaos to stop and recognize the gifts we bring or the talents of others who may be very different from ourselves. I am so excited to hear that you and your EAs are talking about it… I will share your conversation at our school too!

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