Promoting A Culture Of Change

I have found the last couple of months to be some of the most exciting of my career. This stems directly from having the opportunity to see a number of my colleagues pushing themselves to change and to embrace new things.

I came into school the other day and saw Joy (guest blogger in the making) excitedly shooting video in iMovie because she had taken the initiative to take a course at the Apple store. Her excitement rubbed off on our music teacher and now she and I are planning to take a course to learn Garage Band. I walked into our computer lab today and saw our second grade students blogging. One of our Kindergarten teachers has embraced the idea of Genius Hour. These are only a few examples of my colleagues and friends embracing change and dedicating themselves to life long learning.

I feel extremely fortunate to work where I do. Our principal not only encourages us in embracing new things, but backs it up by supporting us as we push ourselves into trying new things. Our whole staff seems more like a family than a group of coworkers most of the time. Change can be difficult, but it is easier when you are surrounded by people who challenge, support and encourage you.

One thought on “Promoting A Culture Of Change

  1. A small yet extremely important change that happened this weekend….the time.
    Couldnt agree more with your last sentence.

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