Sunday Struggles #3

If you have read my Sunday posts before, you know that Sundays are where I put a question out there to anyone who might be reading and hope for some feedback or ideas. I write a post about homework earlier this week, so I wanted to ask:

How much homework is appropriate? And why?

  1. An hour a night
  2. A half hour a night
  3. 15 minutes or less
  4. It depends
  5. None

2 thoughts on “Sunday Struggles #3

  1. I am going to take a firm stand in the “it depends” camp on this one. For me, it largely depends on whether you consider reading to be homework. I think everyone should read everyday, and pursue activities for learning as passions may inspire, but I think the days of conscripted homework should be avoided… We have kids in school all day to work. I would like to see more work (explore, connect, reflect) and less lecture during the school day, leaving the after school hours for self directed learning. Play! Reading! Art! Choice! Pretty radical, I guess, but I like to live dangerously!

    • I think whether or not you consider reading as homework depends. If the teacher is choosing books for kids that they have to read, that is, homework. If kids get to choose, not homework.

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