When I first started writing this blog I told myself that I totally didn’t care who read it and that I would be perfectly content for it to be read at all. That attitude lasted until the first person actually read it. Right now, I think I average about three readers a day. My colleague and friend Joy (she does’t know it yet, but I really want her to write a guest post for this blog) and a couple of other people. I have discovered that it doesn’t really matter the number of people reading, but it is exciting to have an audience.

This experience has been an important lesson to me as a teacher. Audience matters. Our students need an audience for their work beyond their teacher and their parents. They need their peers. I think many of them yearn for an audience even broader than that. Technology has opened up our kids to be and to create for a global audience. They are doing it already. Many of my atudents over the last few years have created instagram accounts and posted youtube videos that the adults in their life have no idea about. Some budding writers are posting stories on that would put to shame the pieces that they write in school for their teachers.

The question then becomes how we as educators can tap into these energies while at the same time teaching lessons about online safety and citizenship. How can we give our students a global audience for the work that they create and hopefully increase engagement at the same time. As I have mentioned before, my class writes a blog, but I was hoping that anyone out there in my audience could share with me what they are doing to engage their students with a global audience.

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