Out of the Frying Pan

I find report card time to be an interesting case study in how different people handle stress. There is such a broad spectrum of teacher attitudes and behaviors that run from calm busyness to complete panic to a begnign acceptance of torture yet to come.

The main reason I find this so interesting is that this is what we put our students through on a daily basis. I know that most teachers do not, as a rule, wake up in the morning with the intention of causing their students anxiety. However, the very nature of testing and grading as we know it now, turns our classroom into a series of anxiety inducing tests, assessments, and in their eyes, judgements. The million dollar question in education is how we can help students to learn and grow and effectively communicate that learning with parents in a way that works for them while not setting up high anxiety situations for kids.

Some of you might wonder how I cope with stress at this time of year? Apparently what I do now is write about stress!  🙂

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