Where Is Your Center?

One of the themes that kept coming up while I was taking my Masters degree was the idea of being able to hold true to your core beliefs and values even through times of change in curriculum, padagogy, technology or things of that sort.
I think that there are things that happen in education and in life that either lead us into, or force us into change. As you might have figured out by the title of this blog, more often than not, I embrace and enjoy change, whether that is in how I do things or just in how I perceive them. I do, however, need to take a gut check from time to time to make sure that my words and actions are in line with my core beliefs.

In many ways, working in a faith based school makes it easier to articulate my beliefs, even in my own mind. The ways I think about kids and about learning flow directly from my beliefs as a Catholic. I do not feel, however, that not having a faith based work environment would move me away from my belief in the value and dignity of each person that waljs through the door of my classroom.

I look at it kind of like a tree blowing in a wimdstorm. We should not worry about where the winds of educational change take our branches as long as our roots are firmly planted in the beliefs and values that we hold dear.

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